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Shamsul ulama Kuthubi Muhammed Musliyar is a legendary personality,an Islamic scholar who lived in the middle of 20 the century in Malabar, India. The magnificent personality whom people depended as the last resort for their religious and social disputes.

Birth: Born in 1878 at Cheppilayam village (now A R Nagar), Koduvayoor, Malappuram District.

Father: Cherusalil Ahammed Musliyar, Koduvayoor

Studies: Preliminary studies done under Pocker Musliyar (F/o Sdakathulla Moulavi) at Thirurangadi Tharammal Masjid.

Then after, he learned under famous Islamic educational reformist, Moulana Chalilakath Kunhahammed Haji at Peringadi, Mahe. When Chalilakath was invited and took charge as the principal of Darul Uloom,Vazhakkad, famous Islamic learning centre founded by Koyappathudi Moyin Kutty Saheb, Kuthubi and his colleagues also moved to Darul Uloom to continue the study under Chalilakath.

‘Kuthubi’ is the call name given by his ustad,Chalilak Kunhi Ahammed Haji.

Followings are some of the co-learners of Kuthubi at Darul uloom:
K.M.Moulavi(Kathib),Cherusseri Ahammed Kutty Musliyar,Tharakkandy Abdul Rahiman Moulavi(F/o TK Abdulla, Jama-ath leader),etc..

After completion of learning from Darul Uloom, Kuthubi conducted ‘Dars’(High level religious school) in Panoor, Kannur dt. from 1924.

Kuthubi served as principal in Darul Uloom,Vazhzkkad ,same where he completed his study. Then after he served as Mudarris (religious teacher) in following places: Nadapuram juma masjid, Thanoor,and in a brief period Uppilath Masjid,Peringadi near his house where he married and settled.

SOME PROMINENT DISCIPLES OF KUTHUBI: Kanniyath Ahammed Musliyar(President,Samastha),Sadakathulla Moulavi (president,Samasthana Jam Eyyathul Ulama),Kaipatta Beeran Kutty Musliyar,Keezhana Kunbdulla Musliyar,Kangad Kunhabdulla Musliyar,Mujahid leader M C C brothers,E K Moulavi Kadavathoor,Prominenet Congress leader E Moidu Moulavi etc…

As an eminent religious leader, Samastha Kerala Jameyyatul Ulama (an Islamic scholars’ forum founded in 1924), sought opinion and final judgments (Fatwa) of Kuthubi for their decisions.

FAMILY: During his study in Peringadi,Mahe, he married Mariyam, a member belongs to Pulikkandy Family, Chokli. He bought plot namely Kattil Peedika in East Pallor,Chokli-Mahe and built house there.

1. Ayisu (1910-….) Husband: late Abdurahiman Musliyar   (Malappuram)

2. Kunhi Pathu (1912-1944), mother of T S Brothers Expired at Kasargod.
                           Husband: late Sayeed Musliyar,Kasargod

3.Kadeeja(1917-1977), Hus: Ayinikkad Kazi late Abdul Kader Musliyar(1905- 1985)

4. Abdulla Musliyar(1920-…….) Kazi,Mangad Mahallu, married Zulaika,Panoor

5. Kunhahammed Haji (1922-1984) marriedKadeeja,Mambaram, Tly

6. Kunhamina (1924-….) Hus:late Kunhi Moossa Moulavi,Panoor

7. Asiya (1927-……)Hus:late Sayeed Musliyar Kasargod after expired hisfirst wife (No 2)

8. C H Abdul Rahiman Musliyar (1929-1991),Mother:Dayima,Kuthubi’s 2nd wife, Parappanangadi
9. Nafeessa (1932-….) Hus: late K.Abdul Azeez Musliyar,scholar,Samastha Mushawara member, Tikkodi (Payyoli) and their offspring: K.PMahmood( Abdul Wahab (, Abdul Latheef (
 AbdulRasheed ( ) Muhammed Shafi , Abdul Shukoor (                                                 

Death: It was on the eve of a Bandh day all over Kerala, the legend personality passed away at night at his house in Chokli in 1966 .The body buried next day at the premises of the Madrassa built by himself (now Kuthubi Masjid). Even though every vehicle movement was stuck all over Kerala due to the intensity of bandh, it was a wonder that thousands & thousands of people including eminent scholars all over Malabar flowed to Chokli to see the last look and to attend the Janaza Prayer.

Not concluded: There are so many incidences and stories about Kuthubi some of which are believed by some as miracles. Let us reveal some of them later. Any way he was a pious man who lived with all dignity. If you have more information about kuthubi pls send to

Some memmorables used by Kuthbi:

1. Palanquin's part inwhich he often
     used  for  local  travel.(Manjal)


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